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Friday, 21 September 2018

Leshan Buddha - the tallest cosmos

Leshan Buddha - the tallest cosmos

The Leshan Giant Buddha or the magnificent Buddha of Leshan is a statue of Buddha with 71 m (233 ft) tall rock. It is the tallest statue in the world, the smallest finger of this idol is so big that 2 men can sit comfortably over it. In this idol, Buddha appears in a serious heart. Buddha's hands are sticking to his knees and looking at the river.

The tallest statue in the world, but it is also known as the tallest craft 

This magnificent Buddha statue in the basement of the Chinese city of Leshan. 713 and c. During 803 (during the Tang Dynasty) the carvings were made in a vertical cliff in the mountain range of the Ameyi Mountains. The idol of Buddha is still the tallest statue in the world, but it is also known as the tallest craft of ancient times. In front of this idol, there is a confluence of three rivers of Ming, Chingyi and Dadu on its feet. C. Since 1996, this site has been rated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 18 sq km area surrounding the idol is a historic landmark. There are many idols and sculptures in this area.


The rivers of Ming, Chingyi and Dadu were very fast and therefore ships in their Sangam were always crashing. Hathang, a Buddhist monk, convinced the local governor that after installing Buddha idol, this place will be able to prevent the calamity in front of the Buddha. The work of the statue is supported by government support and hatanganga initiative. Started on 713. After some time the Governor stopped helping and the work stopped. Hatang has broken his eyes as a protest and to express his feelings for his idols, and he remained in the cave of that half-dead idol. They died for some time too. After 70 years, the Governor, Gaidu gave it support and meaning to the project. A large number of stones were used in the confines of rivers, and they were cast in the confines of rivers. Due to this load, the flow of rivers really slowed down and stopped the ship's accidents until it became an idol.


It is a great example of Vastu Shastra, which is 71 m tall and 28 m wide shoulders in the eighth century. It was also planned that rainwater should not be eroded with water and water was easily transported. When the idol was built, a 13-storey tall wooden roof was built on it and the ceilings and idols were decorated with gold and rubies. Later, the Mongol invaders broke the ceiling and took gold rubies to the end of the Yuwan dynasty.

Leshan Buddha has been affected due to pollution caused by awkward development in the area. According to Xinhua News Agency, Leshan Giant Buddha and many Chinese natural and cultural heritage sites in this region have declined due to climate, air pollution and flock of tourists.

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